Business News


  • OPEC who we all know owns 40% of the worlds oil will be meeting on Tuesady to discuss the price drop…of oil. So that great news for all of us  with cars living in NYC. A barrel of oil will now be worth $43.60  (about time i was wondering what the heck was going on….and how long did they think they were gonna keep that up for).
  • Question, since the price of oil has gone down…why has the cost of  food increased ?  What’s that about ?????

One thought on “Business News

  1. about time somebody is concern about the price of oil people can not live and function in their day to day lives especially when they have small children and have too deal with droping them off before going too work not suprise that people are having to sell their cars which makes life even harder. its time to drop the price and keep it down.

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