A New Year

Well folks its a new year with new resolutions, new hopes and dreams.

What will this year have install for us…Only God can tell.

This year my plan is to try and achieve everything my heart desires and to get this blog up and running the way I want it.

Well we all know we are living in very strange times, the world has become the type of place that we wonder what will happen next? There is so much individual thinking, that selfishness has taken over. People have become so self absorbed that they have forgotten all about common decency and how to treat each other right. The biggest business of 2008 was/is the war. Yes, I said business because that is what a war is. Its a way countries accumulate money at the cost of  other peoples lives. But on a brighter side last year America voted for a bi-racial president  (Personally speaking I would have rather had Hillary Clinton in the white house….but the choice was not mine). Mr. Barack Obama made history, many believe that Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream is coming to life…

” …Those who hoped that the negro need to blow off steam and will be content will have a rude awakening ….”  (“I Have A Dream”, excerpt).

It appears the negro did not blow off steam and is not content with less than. Since America refers to Barack Obama as black, he is a prime example of how we can be delivered from bondage . He is a prime example of how the wrongs are beginning to turn right. So lets hope that 2009 brings  prosperity, joy and freedom for us all!!!!

So with all that said and done….what are your thoughts????

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