Happy Valentines Day 2009

valentines-day-12Well its that time of the year when we begin to think about our significant other. Valentines Day…is February 14th. Its time for us to get/give cards, chocolates and flowers. And boy…do we like to get gifts!!!

I sure you all know the story of  Saint Valentine (well if you don’t, let me give you a short recap). His date of birth is unknown but he died in ca. 269.  Anyway; one theory is, is that he was rejected by his mistress and become so upset that he gave her his heart, as a gift. Hence the hearts on Valentines Day (a tad bit morbid I must say).

I don’t think guys fall in love like that anymore!!!!

I wish I was born in the romance era…where the men were romantic and wooed their women. Instead like everyone one else, I was born in the modern times, where the Jerks and the Playboys rule.  But I think the big question is where are the nice guys? The romantic type, the kind that still woos their women? Are they lost in a crowd of Jerks and Playboys?  Will they ever find there way out????

I think its sad that when I was asked the question to describe a jerk. In a split second I could name 10 traits. But when asked to describe ‘ The Nice Guy’ I stopped,  I paused and I even said  EMmmmm….  what?  Has It been that long, that since I’ve been in the company of a great man? Or should I blame the media for portraying the Jerks and the Playboys as being… “The Cool Guy”.  Have I been conditioned that much??????

I have stopped dating the Playboy type (their just  no good). So I must now learn to open my eyes and heart to ‘The Nice Guy’. The kind of guy that will treat me right, the kind of guy that will sweep me off my feet. Sometimes I think Ivan Pavlov is looking down at me and saying  “I’ve stopped ringing your bell…Wake up girl… Wake up”.

Anyway,  the point I am trying to make is that love, romance and being wooed should not be just on Valentines Day,  It should be everyday. How often do we forget to tell our loved ones ” I Love You”.

I think we should all revise our resolutions and say ” I’m gonna Love more and I’m gonna romance more”.

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