Number 10


The war has caused a recession that has become a global epidemic, not only has it effected America but England also struggles with a bad economy (when will it end) .

Tolstoy once wrote ” But whenever there have been wars,  there have been great military leaders….”

So true with former military leaders like Bush (and no I’m not calling him great), its of no surprise to me, that we are still at war and the economy is still in such bad shape.

Part of Britain’s stimulus plan has included a VAT tax cut (from 17.5% to 15%). Downing Street has claimed that it has helped the economy and has reduced sales from dropping  even further, but the President of France  Nicolas Sarkozy, does not think that it’s a great  idea (who really knows why, but one thing we do know is that the media only ever gives us Common Folk… part of a story).

The  Bank of England  has also decided to reduced its interest rate to 1%, which is the lowest its been since 1951. So if anyone would like to buy property in Great Britain, now is the time to do so…

Sometimes I wonder how the world is going to get out of  the mess… it’s in. One thing I do know is that more and more companies will begin to merge, in order to say a float. Its a very sad state of affair.

Below is a picture of England, Its the coldest it’s been their for 20 years. Some parts even got 20(inc) of snow. England is now at a stand still… not good in a time when everyone there, should be working towards improving  England’s  economy.


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