The Vegan Way


I just got off the phone and decided to write this article.

Ever since I was a child the desire to eat meat became less and less. I don’t know why, it was something that…well…just evolved. I can remember many failed attempts at becoming a vegan and they basically came from not having  enough information about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

And now that I do… I’m still messing up!!!

I am probably the worst kind of vegan, out there, I still wear leather and fur…yet I claim to be a good vegan.

Yes, you can all say it…I’m a hypocrite!!!

I just cannot give up my bags…can you believe it… off all things (so Jacqueline, don’t feel bad…I’m far from perfect).

When will I have the strength to say no more leather bags, shoes or purses???

I really don’t know…but you know what. I’ve decided to start trying harder. If I’m going to talk the walk…I had better start walking the walk.


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