Work Place Harassment. Pt 2


So last month, I wrote about my summer job as a receptionist, in the fashion district… of NYC.

Here is the continuation of the saga…

Three weeks later I found another job, I jumped for joy (I know how hard it is to find employment…in these troubled times and I thought I was going to be out of work for at least a few months). Anyway; now I’m an administrative assistant, for a restaurant. A new field for me…but I thought I’d give it a whirl (I’m always up for a good challenge).

The people there were down to earth a big difference from the office I had just left and the only problem I could see, was that the office was just too small (claustrophobic almost). It was in the basement of the restaurant, so there was no windows and there was only one woman (a chef) that was like the women….I had just left and since we were not officially working together (she worked upstairs). I saw no major problem.

So I thought … if that’s all… then hey, I’m lucky. Little did I know…

Working in the restaurant business is hard work and working in the office of a restaurant is twice as hard. You not only have to deal with the administrative side of things but you also have to deal with the front of the house (FOH) and the back of the house (BOH) staff. There are so many personalities and many issues that arise daily.

But as I said earlier…I’m always up for a good challenge.

Now the office had one person leaving….who from what I could see was a good worker. She did everything and the office manager just kept on throwing things at her all day long and in between all that she was still trying to train me. She was good…dam good… I must admit it. It was sad to see her leave. We only worked with each other for 4 days. After she left, things were a mess. The office manager did not know where anything was nor did he know how to do anything (because all he did/does was delegate). So needless to say the tension in the office was terrible….and that’s putting it nicely.

During this time, all the office manager did… was lose his temper and I don’t mean he raised voice. This guy has bad temper tantrums, I think the correct term is ‘Mantrums’, arms and legs waving everywhere like a two year old boy, only he is 6ft 3inc and weights about 270lbs. So you can image what I mean by losing his temper (he’s totally out of control).

That was a red flag for me!!!!

I tried hard to stay out of his way, which was hard because as I said the office was/is the size of a match box.

Then they hired a new bookkeeper to fill the vacant position, he was a cool guy. I liked working with him, he was down to earth and easy to get along with….he’s a bit like me, he takes a while to warm up. But once he’s warm, he’s funny has hell.

Anyway; as time went on, I saw my manager explode. I don’t think there was a day that went buy that this guy did not almost give himself a heart attack…

Don’t as me how he got that job????

One day, one of the (BOH) employees got him upset, for some reason most likely over the uniforms (he could never get that straight). Do you know what he did…he punched a hole in the wall. Yes, your reading right, I said punched a hole in the wall.

Now once again….HOW PROFESSIONAL WAS THAT??????

Can you believe it; I leave one job because of catty women to find another job with a office manager (my superior) that’s an abusive tyrant.

So you can image, my day was soon to come and when it did…..

Lord knows…I was scared!!!!

I was in fear that this monster he was going to hurt me. So I let him scream, rant and rave. Slam his fists down on the glass top desk (which I thought was going to break….but by the grace of God some how it stayed intact) and IĀ  rushed out of the office and I’ve never looked back. And all this started because I spoke up about being treated poorly (he was beginning to treat me like the young lady that had left when… I was starting).Ā  Giving me all the work, while he sat around looking at his photo’s on his iphone, u-tube etc. While I got no lunch break.

Horrible eh….

I myself am speechless…to the point of not knowing what else to write.


So now you have it…all summed up my work experience for 2008. What a year.

So glad it’s over!!!!!!!

Stay Tuned…next month will be all about my job search.


One thought on “Work Place Harassment. Pt 2

  1. Zoe, Good Luck in your adventures. You certainly have had your share. You know everyone knows a 6 foot 3 inch “man” that throws “mantrums” … that term has me giggling in my seat.
    Oh my. Shame on him for giving you all the work while he surfs the net. I bet he probably “tells” everyone he’s “so busy” at work but in reality now we know he isn’t. Again, everyone knows that type of person. Good for you for leaving. šŸ™‚

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