I’m sure by now everyone has heard of the Swine flu.  H1N1 is a serious pandemic which means its effecting us globally. It’s not a new influenza…it was first document (came about) in 1918-1919.  People died left right and center because it is easily transmitted from pigs to humans. So It is surprising to me that it did not spring up in the farming states (Kansas, Idaho etc) after Mexico. Strange eh!!!!

How did it hit the big cities first?????

Are we not a technically advanced society, Can someone please tell me how did this happened again???

A few days ago I made a comment on a friends Facebook page & said ” What’s next the Black Plague “. But it got me thinking that it is quite possible for any of the 20th century diseases to spring up again and wipe out millions of people globally.

You would think that those in power would have made sure long ago that it would be impossible, for a diseases like that return.

I mean don’t they have a vault with all the cures for every disease, known and unknown to mankind somewhere or am I the only person that thinks so.


You should see me on the trains…I’m as paranoid as hell, if one person coughs I fly to the other end of the cart (knowing that the best thing to do is to switch carts). I carry my hand sanitizer everywhere (well I do any way, I have a fear of retro viruses) and I’m washing my hands like crazy.

I’m a mess, I know I sound like a complete nutter but I can’t help it (lol)

So what’s the best thing to do wash your hands like a manic, run from anyone coughing & stay away from pigs.

(I know I just added to the hysteria)

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