Mr. Right pt. 2


Well it’s been a few months now, since I first wrote about Mr. Right. And I did promise to let everyone know how It was going…

The big question is…will I be getting married in 2011????

First of I would like to start of by saying there are a lot of creepy men on-line and it requires time and patience. The first guy I e-mailed/text was Barry (that’s a name change). He was very anxious to get my picture (as you know my Profile picture has my hands over my face) and when I mentioned I was on Facebook, he immediately gave me his Facebook name. Well me being me had to look at his list of friends (just trying to get some insight…yah know) and all I saw…was about 150 women and about 5 guys. So that really answered all my questions about him. He’s a jerk off & not my type…far from mature and still trying to prove himself to the world.

So that was that…150 women… really!!!

So about a week later, I got chatting with another guy. This one seemed a bit more mature. But he was also very pushy and trying to hard to get my photo. Then his psychotic tendencies began to show, major mood swings and just some odd behavior.

So, you know… that was a no no

I was almost about to give up, when I saw a cutie. Now this one I liked very much…but it was unfortunate that the feeling were not the same. We had a lot in common, he seemed mature and was a few years older than me (I was surprised…cuz it’s very rare for me to find a guy around my own age that’s mature… normally I date older men). Anyway, we e-mailed for a while and  I actually phoned him (once). There was so much joy in his voice, which I luv and I thought the conversation went well, but…. I must have messed up some where and fell into friend zone (AHHHHhhhhhhh).

So from there I decided to try another sight…

And I found someone about a week later. Once again it started out with e-mails, only this time, it progressed into phone calls, very long phone calls (I had fun with him). We talked for about a month. But with all the things we had in common there were still too many differences. We basically were not compatible (sad again).

So now I’m on a break, I’m not sure when I will go back and try the online dating thing again…

But I shall keep you updated…if I do

One thought on “Mr. Right pt. 2

  1. I guess that’s the law of nature; when you try to find that special someone – only jerks come along. But when you least expect – puff- there he is, you’ll see ! ;))

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