Museum Of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

I awoke this morning with the museum on my mind. Its been 18 years or more since I’ve been to the Museum of Natural History (In fact the first and only other time I went… I was not yet living in the States). So you can imagine to my surprise when I woke… with the need to go back.

And I loved it, it’s completely different. I think the biggest change of all, is that it is now interactive (no longer is it a place where you just stand and look at stuffed animals).


As I wondered throughout the museum, I came across 94 foot blue whale…that just totally blue my mind.

It made me stop, think and wonder….

It made me realize that we share this planet, with so many other living creatures (big and small)…. It was such a nice feeling

But then… on the second floor…I found this…


Unfortunately; I was unable to find, the most interesting article of them all. It was about a woman, a runaway slave called Lizzy. The reward was $300 to capture her. It described her as a woman on the run with her clothes, who responds quickly, when she is spoken too (a comment I found highly disturbing…because the negro back then was considered  no better than a mule…so why would one respond so quickly….intelligence maybe).

HMMMmmmmmm anyway,

Its amazing how one trip to the museum can bring up so many emotions and feelings. But we must never forget, we are here together animals, mammals and humans alike. We are here to enjoy life and live it, to its fullest.

Hope you enjoyed my trip….I did!!!!

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