Job Search


So it’s has been a few months since I last wrote about my work experience. I thought it was getting a bit heavy so I decided to give it a break. But now I back to share my job search experience with the world.

I have now been out of work since last year November (8 months in total). It has been nothing but a struggle and yet within this struggle I find myself being/becoming more positive than ever before (I have learnt more about myself now than any other time in my life…It has been enlightening to say the least). As Plato once said “Know thyself”. I epitomize that statement.

So anyway back to my job search story….

I know we are in a recession, but in the eight months that I’ve been unemployed, I have not had very many interviews and when I did get a few, they were all before Obama came into office (I knew Hillary would have done a better job).

It’s really hard out their, day in day out I sit at home on the internet searching, e-mailing and faxing my c/v out and so far with no avail. My technique is pretty simple I apply to the jobs that I am qualified for and on the odd occasion I apply to those that I can do… (Hey you have to sometimes try, in places that you would never think of being employed…and if I have to get in thorough a back door then so be it).

So far most of the employers I’ve sent my e-mail out to have given me positive feedback, but there was one guy (an agency I signed with two years ago), had a job posting for an ‘Administrative Assistant’ position. When I emailed my c/v out to him, he emailed me back my c/v with some ones else’s c/v attached (without their contact info). To make a long story short…he was implying that my c/v was not as good as theirs.

Seriously, what do people expect…I’m trying hard to get a job and I am not going to stop until someone hires me or until I become a CEO for my own company (lol)….all that from a temping/recruiting agency, I really have signed with the wrong people. Needless to say; there are a lot of degenerate guys out there.

OK…I shall behave this article is not going to become another male bashing episode.

Moving on…

So I’m still at it and if anyone has any suggestions on how I can improve my job search and land my dream job…I’m all ears.

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