No Longer The Party Girl


I had been in the clubs for far too long, I think it all started when I was about 14. One of my older cousins use to take me out ‘clubin’. I use to go to town on Saturdays, drop into ‘Plaza Studio’ hoping to buy an outfit…but I could only ever afford a top and get all dolled up, putting on make and telling myself I looked about 20. Meanwhile, it was pretty obvious that I was a kid trying to look older (funny as you get older…you start trying to make yourself look younger).

After shopping with my cousin, we would go back to her house and put on one of her favorite records the ‘optimistic’, ‘Theirs Nothing Like This’ or something new she had just picked up in the Bull Ring.

Wow looking back they were fun times…..

I swear you could never get me out of her house…(my cousin & her boyfriend) must of been sick of me being there…but it was a hot spot and the vibe there was always good. Shopping, Chinese take away, music oh and of course the ‘Diamond white’ (cider, that stuff is lethal). So by the time I got to the club, I was already half drunk. So many nights like this; with my cuz, and her boyfriend (with his funky dreads)…good times man…good times (or should I say bad times and my gateway years).

So from the clubs we’d hit the Bluze (an after hours spot). I’m shore you all know those places… the kind of place you should not be in…but you go anyway. From there it was time to eat and then home. By this time it’s about 7:00am so yes all three of us would be doing… the walk of shame!!!!!

So you can only imaging…if that’s what I was doing at 14. My party scene got a bit out of control as the years progressed (sad to say).

But I have come a long way from my party girl days….

It’s fun to look back now and then and remember the good old days and how it all started. I’m just glad it’s all stopped and I able to move forward. Now I think about the new adventures/chapters my life has in store for me.

2 thoughts on “No Longer The Party Girl

  1. Oh my God!!!

    I read this and smile with admiration of you and how far you have travelled. I also smile with this, reminder of the good ol’ days. I love that you loved those days like i did, i love that it stands out in your mind the love and laughter we had……… but also the pang of guilt sits at the edge of my smile as i wonder, was it my fault!!!!????

    Beautiful piece x

  2. Cuz,
    I just remember the fun we had no one is to blame (there is no blame). Our lives are mapped out for us before we are born. This was our destiny a path we traveled and shared together…it was a blast. And if you ever ask me if I’d do it again, knowing what I know now….HELL YES 🙂

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