There is an alarming 340 million people suffering from depression in the world, depression is not prejudice… it can effect everyone!

Europe is very different to the United States when it comes to mental health issues, there are very few mental health practitioners and there is still a stigma on the mental health profession period. I am proud Brit, but I hold my head down and admit that we still in the ‘Dark Ages’ in regards to mental health treatment.

Not so long ago people all over thought that depression was just some kind of phase, that only women had and if men were down they were merely suffering from the ‘blues’ …now we know that depression is a actual chemical imbalance in the brain that causes people to feel lost or alone. There are so many factors that cause people to suffer from depression… trauma,  genetics, the environmental (lord knows the neighborhood I live in has gotten me down a few times, I dread to imagine the kind of effect it could have on me if I was clinically depressed) .

Here’s a bit about my personality…

I  hold on to things but I am learning how to let things go. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older and I’ve begun to put myself first, not in a selfish way…but I now realize that I have to be happy with myself and learn how to make myself self happy instead hoping someone or something will bring me joy. I am really trying to become at one with myself, I know that’s very Zen of me.

OK back to the topic at hand,

Unfortunately in the United States twice as many women suffer from depression, but on a good note…it’s the women that are seeking treatment more often than the men do (no wonder I can’t find a level headed guy…). Helplessness and negative thoughts, is something that one can overcome with the correct treatment. I once read that negative thinking fades once the treatment beings to take effect, which is all good news for anyone suffering from depression and receiving treatment.

So here is my advice for anyone who may be depressed:

1) Find someone to talk to (because you’re never alone)

2) Try doing something fun at least once a week

3) Take up yoga…clarity keeps the mind free from clutter


4) Set yourself a goal because…


7 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Great piece on Depression,working with patients with Chronic Kidney Disease,I truly see the difference between the “blues” and actual Depression.

  2. Hey I was wondering if I coulduse this photo for a cover on a story I am currently writing? Is this your original photo?

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