Global Warming


It is unfortunately that many people today still think that global warming is just hype. Earth is not the place it was just a century ago, the effects of global warming are now here and if we as a people do nothing… things are only going to get worse.

Greenpeace and many other organizations like Friends Of The Earth have been around for years, helping to save many animals that are now dying due to the ice melting at a rapid rate in the arctic. But many oil companies and government officials refuse to take action now. Why…because they are cheap. It would cost these companies too much money to make the necessary changes and since they are driven by money, making those changes is not something they care to do now or in the very near future.

President Obama, has been fortunate in pushing and passing a bill that reduces carbon dioxide (trapping emissions heat), which the US had resisted for more than 20 years. But Greenpeace and many others environmentalist opposed this bill….

Now any critical thinker would wonder why, these environmentalist groups are opposed to this bill (what do they know, that we don’t????).

I shall not get too much into politics but one thing is for sure, it’s sad that such a beautiful planet struggling to function because of the mess we have made of it.

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