Health Tip


Everybody these days is conscious of what they eat, I myself am a vegan. So this month I decided to add mushrooms to my health tip. Mushrooms are a powerhouse pack with nutrients that can reduce cholesterol and improve ones immunity. They are an excellent source of protein and they contain the carbohydrate lentinan which has an antimicrobial and antiviral property. From portobello to shiitake they are packed with minerals, potassium and vitamins… particularly vitamin B. Mushrooms are low in calories, fat and salt and for centuries the Chinese have used the shiitake mushroom as a medicine (they found it has useful properties for treating high blood pressure). So with all this information about mushrooms, I’m sure the next time you go to the grocery shop….. mushrooms will be on your list.

2 thoughts on “Health Tip

  1. Hi–Great website and interesting to read. As for food as medicine, I recently read that eating cherries is good for arthritis–maraschino cherries at that! Have you heard of this? I’m also a lemon/lime lover–lots of lemon juice helps keep your skin clear and your liver clean!

    Come on by my blog at and take a look–comments are welcome!


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