It just dawned on me this month that the last time I wrote in this category was a few months ago (actually in December 08). I really have to start keeping track on the categories I’ve  set up in here.

So far this summer, I have been glued to Plato and Anton Chekhov. So let’s start with my mini review of Plato’s ‘Laches’. I think it’s an excellent discussion (I use the term discussion….because that is what Plato does) on wisdom and knowledge and the understanding of both being different and yet very similar. Plato of gives curve balls when explaining anything (my guess is that Aristotle was not the only teacher Plato had…I think the Sages had a big influence in Plato’s schooling).

Now; as for Anton Chekhov, so far ‘ The Seagull’ is my favorite. For anyone that has never read any of his works (well you should). His plays are far from boring and the ‘Seagull’ not to give too much of the story away, is a drama about the life of a Russian family set in the late 18th century. Yes…I love the classics.

So come on folks….. get reading, you all know its fundamental!!!!!


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