Back In Florida…


I took a long over due holiday….and went back to sunny Florida and of course it’s rained everyday since I’ve been here, but it aint gonna spoil my fun. I used the word back because my first few years in the States were spent in Florida. Time with my family is always something I look forward to catching up on gossip and just spending quality time is nourishing for the soul…. I forget how much I need to be around the chaos (it will always keep me grounded and humble….I’ll never forget where I came from).

Sometimes I wish my family was like those on TV…but that would be boring and predictable. So I guess I love them for who they are and not who I want them to be.

I also can’t believe I was able to buy black hair products without a problem; they had a major selection in our local supermarket. When I first immigrated here a few years back…they had about five items to choose from and it was never anything I used. Now they have a whole selection of products (wow, times have changed, I’ve got to laugh…I’m making it seem as though it ‘s the 1800’s…hehehehhe).

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