What Is Friendship?????


A friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you just the same.
– Elbert Hubbard

What is friendship??? It’s a question I ponder quite often. What is a good friend and how do you really know if someone will be there for you through thick and thin. Time is the only indicator for a true friendship and one that ends never really began (Publilius Syrus said something like that).

I like to consider myself a good friend (I’m the type of friend who will take their clothes off there back and give to you), but as of yet, I’ve yet to meet a friend that will do the same.

“Why is it in a world when people are always searching for happiness…..are they never satisfied with what they have, especially when it’s something good?”

Back in the day, it didn’t take much to be someone’s friend….now it seems as though the world has gone insane (or maybe it’s not the world…maybe it’s me). The wishy washy personalities, the indecisiveness, the super egos. Oh and not forgetting those fake haters (how could I let that one slip by) are the types of people that seem to make up the world today. These people are unable to make the right decisions and hold on to a good thing, when they have it. Instead they complain and act up, when really they should be enjoying there friendships…. treasuring the gems before them.

Not only am I looking for Mr. Right, my soul mate but a true friend would be a real treasure.

But I do sometimes ask myself “Should I surround myself around fake people (friends) just because I no longer want to be alone???”


I’ve done it and in the end I ended up far more unhappier than being alone….I had filled my life with a lot of unnecessary people (who I knew would never be at my side, in the bad times. But I kept them around me anyway).  Back then, I think I feared being alone. Now I’m older & wiser and I realize that there is nothing wrong in being alone as long as you’re happy. So for anyone out waking a mile in my shoes, know that when the time is right, a real friend will be at your side… like a foot print in the sand.

Know yourself, love yourself and never settle for less!!!!!

4 thoughts on “What Is Friendship?????

  1. Positive attracts positive. Surround yourself with positive, good hearted people and it doesn’t matter if they are a small group; you’ll automatically be attracting the right energy toward you. As for Mr. Right- I’ve had to go through a lot of Mr. Wrongs before reaching him. When the time’s right, it will happen.
    I love your positive spirit!

  2. You’re so right, sometimes we don’t even stop to breathe, let alone see that the answers are right there in front of us. Luckily, you seem to have a pretty great eye –just look at your photography. When a true friend and the right guy show up, you’ll know it – you’ll probably have a lens on them too.
    Love your photography. Keep doing what you love.

  3. Hi Zoe,

    Two things:

    1. There’s a two-fold purpose to people that could be labeled difficult being in our lives. First, they are the way they are (and can’t be any other way) possibly because they are taking the “express” road to enlightenment by burning through, at a rapid pace maybe, all the “bad” experiences they need before they “get it”. Secondly, these people are part our own life lessons by showing us the things about ourselves we don’t want to indulge in or the things that, because we see there effect on others, we decide we no longer want to take part it.

    2. As far as attracting your soul mate and a good best friend the formula is simple: continue to emanate out to the world what you would like to receive and they will one day make themselves known to you. Trust in your own goodness and be open to this soul mate/ these friends finding their way to you.

    That’s My II Sense… 🙂


    PS: Thanks for visiting My II Sense! I appreciate it. I love your blog as well and will be back often.

  4. This is an excellent commentary on friendship. The depiction of the two kittens is just heartwarming. Life is so challenging that true friendship is a rare diamond. We must open our hearts and give love without expecting anything in return. Love is something we give freely. Our only hope is that it will be returned in its full power. Great post and picture. Thank you.

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