Ghetto Life


The ghetto, it’s a place where far too many people live in an area that is infested with drugs, alcohol and single parenthood. To some people this way of living is the only way, I on the other hand think there is a way out…there has to be a better way of living. Each day I walk through the ghetto and listen to the conversations of people that have never been properly educated and it’s sad to know that in one of the richest countries in the world where primary and secondary education is free, some people still lack basic fundamental education.

Only in the ghetto does this ever happen!!!

The buildings are cold and poorly insulated with faulty wiring. Rodents dwell in theses parts of town and the crime rate is extremely high…the ghetto is no place to live let alone raise a family. Thugs just  hang around trying to pick women up or plan there next scheme. I would like to know what the world would be like when these people decide that enough is enough. When will they decided that they will no longer live in such poor conditions???? When will they decide that it is necessary to get a proper education????

I will say one thing…I will always be truly amazed at how happy, they seem to be. It’s like watching a scene from Alex Haley’s ‘Roots’ where the slaves on the farm sing songs all day long (it almost makes me want to cry). It’s hard to look at the ghetto and watch the ghetto life, it’s sad that for so long  people throughout the ages fought for the right to vote, fought so that women would be considered equal to men (well were still fighting that war, sometimes I feel as though were still in the 1800’s). And to watch the ancestors of these people sit on there derrière all day long with feelings of hopelessness is a shame.

I hope that they all wake up and realize that hanging with the ‘IT CROWD’ is not the way to go…it will only bring you down and prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams…because they are achievable.


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