Stop The Violence


Oppressed, beaten, raped, harassed, sold, enslaved, victimized, female genital mutilation, pimped, honor killings…..scared. It’s horrible to sit and type these words on my computer but for many women, this is their way of life.

Violence against women affects millions of women all over the world each day. The big question is how do we stop these horrendous crimes against women. The 25th November 2009 embarks the international day for the elimination of violence against woman. It is a 16 day event organized by groups and organizations  around the world to spread the word; to eliminate, violence against women.

So if you’re an active blogger blog…spread the word.

If you just want to get involved, join an organization and….spread the word.

Women are not second class citizens, we are equal to men. We should not be victimized in any shape or form. So join the cause and spread the word, make a difference make a change. All things are possible.

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