The Gift of Giving


The holidays are not the only time that one can give gifts. My mum has always taught me to give to the needy all year round. So to date, whenever I need to get rid of my old clothes my first response is to always head for the ‘Salvation Army’ or as of recent the drop boxes (huge dust bins) where you put all your unwanted clothes and shoes, that are shipped to the needy.

Giving to those less fortunate is something I feel everyone should do as a human being we are obligated to take care of each other. And it’s a shame that I felt that writing this article in for the month of December was the only time my readers would actually take action and help those in need. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you don’t give, it’s just that this month in particular is the month that most people are conditioned to give and we forget that people are in need of our help all year around.

Not all gifts have to be rapped in a pretty box with a nice bow, sometimes the biggest and best gift of all comes from the heart.

So my dear readers; since the New Year is around the corner. Why not clear out your wardrobe and give those unwanted clothes and shoes to those who are in need.

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