Health Tip


The art of meditation can toatlly put your life into perspective. No it does not have to be a religious act (you don’t have to pray or chant). You can just sit and pay close attention to the thoughts that cross your mind. I once read that we have 50,000 thoughts per day…just some trivia. Anyway, meditation transforms your life in all areas (mentally and physically). For anyone that  has never practiced meditating, I know it sounds very strange.  I too; thought it was strange, and use to ask myself “How can just sitting in a quiet space transform my life?” But it did…. I received clarity in many forms and many of my old ways, such as ‘Drinking like a fish’ was replaced with water, fruit and vegetables. I began to walk on my path and see the light ahead. So since the new year is here, give it a shot. Trust me it works!!!

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