Guess what happened to me. I’ve recently moved and now I’m on a quest to find a  new church, so I thought that the first Sunday of the year would be a great time to try and find one. So I got my mum up and off we went to a church I’d googled. We were both having a blast, the church looked nice, we were singing some of my favorite hymns and the lady next to me was very friendly. So when It was time to go and get the communion bread, I was happy to see the priest serving it, in my line. So off I went down to the alter to get my communion (my mum decided to stay in her seat). So as I took the bread from the priest, a thought ran across my mind and decided to take the bread to my mum. I sat down and asked my mum if she wanted the the bread she said “Nah…I’m OK, you eat it”. I said ‘Are you sure, I can break it in half if you want’. Her reply was ‘No you…you eat it’. So just as I turned to sit straight and put the bread in my mouth, guess who was standing right next to me. The priest, with his hand out ready to take the bread back. Now bear in mind we were sitting in the back of the church (about 20 rows from the alter).

What was ………… that!!!!

Can you believe he left serving all those church members in the Que to ask me for my bread back….. Is it me????

Has he not heard of H1N1, supposed I coughed on my hand what was he going to do with the bread…give it to someone else???

Never have I experienced behavior like that from a priest and so bold and blatant…. You best believe I ain’t going back there!!!!!!

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