Health Tip

 The photograph above is an advanced position, so don’t let this disturb you. Yoga is a great way to clear the mind and body of unwanted clutter, I have been practicing ashtanga yoga for a few years now and I find it is far more beneficial than going to the gym and pumping mindless iron (I was a gym rat for well over 5 years). I believe that there is no better way to tone the body than lifting your own weight somehow you tone all those little nooks and crannies… you just can’t get with weights. Ashtanga yoga or should I say all yoga helps one to channel all your energy into a positive out come by removing stress, chatter of the mind,  lowering the heart rate (by teaching breathing techniques) and other aliments of the body. The first thing I noticed was my posture, not until I took up yoga, did I realize how much I slouched (which is now corrected). So feel free to take my advice and give yoga a whirl….with your doctors permission of course.

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