Vanishing Bees

 Where are they going??? Did you know they were vanishing???

Well I’m spreading the word about our tiny little friends the honeybee. Which I’m sure you know is vital to our agriculture because they pollinate our crops. The honeybee is vanishing at an alarming rate; the big question is why?  Well there are two theories and I don’t think we have to scratch our heads at the first theory. One, our crops are constantly being sprayed with harmful pesticides & herbicides which is digested by the honeybee. And the second theory is that genetically modified crops or should I say seeds (which have been banned in Europe) are been used in the USA. They are supposed to be more convenient since they do not require harmful sprays. But really people, how convenient are any products that are genetically modified????  

You would think by now with the kind of technology we have, this would not be an issue….but it is. Once again the powers that be continue to make money at the cost of lives. The life of a bee has the same value as a human life (very Zen of me, I know) yet far too often the lives of the animal kingdom are over looked (inhumane to say the least).


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