Bye Bye NYC


I never thought the time would really come that I would say goodbye to NYC and not miss it…but I did. No longer do I call that rat hole home. The big Apple use to be a place that I loved, I loved the filth, the arrogant people and the stench. But as life has its up’s & downs my views and outlook towards the big city changed from love to hate, after 15 years their…it was time to get out. I can’t say it was any one particular thing that made my feelings change; it was a combination of things and of course as you get older your wants and needs change too.

 So I guess your asking yourself where I am… well I’m now living in Texas and I love it. Who knew Texas was more than cowboys and hay blowing in the wind (the typical John Wane scene in the films). Not me, I came into unknown territory and fell in love with the place. The people are friendly and the air is clean. It’s the kind of place that you can settle down in and watch everything grow. Maybe I’ll find myself a cowboy down here, who knows. But one thing is for sure, this place has endless possibilities. And it is one of the top ten cites to live in.

So here I am with a new beginning and a fresh start…I need it.


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