My Shady Interview

 Sometimes I feel as though I’m the only person without a job. It’s been ages since I’ve worked and even longer since I’ve found a good place to work. So long that I can’t even remember where I’ve  worked and really enjoyed myself. And since moving to a new state I know I have to work twice as hard to establish myself here.

So with all that said and done, why the heck do I seem to find the shadiest places to get an interview?????    

Can some one please tell me, why am I a magnet for shady places?????

OK, so I got an interview and this place advertised that they were looking for a receptionist. But when I got there it was  a bunch of people sitting ground waiting for a group interview in sales/ management (a fancy name for selling perfume and recruiting three other employees who are suppose to work under you).

What a load of crap eh???

Now the two people that work for the company were shady as hell, the receptionist claims that she just moved into Houston, yet she can give directions like no tomorrow. And the boss claims that a whole lot of money can be earned… but he does not project the image he is selling.

What is going on??? Is it because were in a recession all the worms are coming out of the wood work to catch unemployed people like me to work for free or next to nothing. Just when you think there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you realize most of the people making money in this economy are a bunch of rats…scheming there way to the top.


2 thoughts on “My Shady Interview

  1. So true…..Since the worldwide economic down turn various so called “employment agencies” have also started operating with the intent to fleece desperate job seekers of their last dollar.

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