Rodeo 2010

I’ve now been in Texas for a few months and I’ve been enjoying the completely different lifestyle down here. I’ve never lived in a place like this before. Texasns have horses like, city people have dogs or cat’s and instead of hotdog stands at the local fair grounds they have turkey legs (giant size one’s at that). So people walk around (the fair grounds) with these big turkey legs in there hands…yah got ta laugh at that one.  

Anyway, being the bad vegan that I am. I decided to go to the rodeo (I must admit, I went with one thing in mind, to meet cowboys and I did because you and I know they are far from a dime a dozen). And yes; before you ask, they were all a fun bunch of guys. But as I stood and watch the show (my very first rodeo). I began to feel sorry for the animals. It’s a rough sport. Fortunately; on the night I attended none of the animals were hurt …but it does make you wonder.

Is it a sport or just plain old animal cruelty?????



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