Earth Day 2010

So what is Earth Day?  Well 22nd April is our day to celebrate mother earth, it’s our day to rejoice and appreciate our planet. This year marks Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary. There will be events around the world. Houston (my new town) will be holding its second annual festival (there will be something for everyone to participate in). But I’m sure by now you’re probably asking yourselves when did this begin? Well…Earth Day began in 1970 with Gaylord Nelson a former U.S senator, who wanted to shake things up a bit and guess what he did, because 40 years later (and counting) were still celebrating ‘Earth Day’.   

But the big question is “What will you be doing for earth day????

 190 countries will be joining in on the celebration and commitment to make mother earth, greener and healthier for future generations. So my fellow readers and bloggers let’s join the cause and make a change it never to late to save our most precious gift…..mother earth.

For more information, go to  and play a part in saving our planet. 



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