My Sewing

The picture above is an excellent depiction of what sewing is like for me (Yes I make a tone of garments in the same fabric and I’ll wear them back to back with  no shame). A few months ago I wrote on my photography blog that I have finally embraced ‘My sewing’ . My mum has tried for as long as I can remember to get me into sewing and I have tried and failed more times than I care to share. But recently; I have really picked it up and going full force with it. I must admit this recession has been both a blessing and a curse for me (I know I’ve said that before, but it’s true). Having so much time has made me a more well-rounded individual and learning to sew with my mum is truly an experience within itself. We have two completely different perspectives of art and style, my mum’s sense of style is hard lines with complex structures…I on the other hand prefer curves and movement. So you can imagine the disputes we get into when it comes to designing garments. Don’t get me wrong, I have always enjoyed designing clothes (I have been designing clothes since I was a child) but sewing…. was something I’ve always hated.

Until now!!!

So today instead of bashing the recession, in a way I’m kind of thanking the recession. Because most likely if I was employed, I would not have the time to embrace all the sides of me. 

One thought on “My Sewing

  1. “A blessing and a curse” I guess you could look at the recession in that light…..Glad you’re expanding your creative boundaries.

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