On My Quest

I’m sure you remember my article Bread. So for everyone that asked me did I find a new church yet? The answer is yes (well… kinda). I do feel as though I have finally found a church that I feel comfortable in (with no one bothering me…a huge plus). I must admit though, it’s a different kind of church that I am accustom too. The down side is, is that it’s loud, but there is lots of singing and the service is good. They have also incorporated motivational tips in a PowerPoint presentation, which I find really interesting (I have already began to apply these tips to my life and lifestyle). Who knew that going to church could have such an impact on my life and for me to actually apply these tips to my everyday thinking is truly amazing. 

 So I guess the big question is will I stay there????

For now I think the answer to that question is yes.  But after saying all that, I am still on a quest to find the perfect church in Houston. So stay tuned and follow me on my journey… to find that perfect church.


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