The Perfect Nose


I was reading one of my favorite fashion magazines the other day and there was two articles about women who have had rhinoplasty . You see, as a child growing up I always wanted smaller lips and a nice straight nose (just like my mothers’).  Now as an adult I believe I have grown into my full lips (the same full lips that people are paying thousands to get) but my nose… well let’s put it this way, it’s still a button nose. Growing up I went to a school that saw beauty with fair skin and long straight hair (I’m sure you know I don’t fit into that mold). But as I look back, I can definitely have a stronger awareness of how this has had an effect how I viewed myself for many years.  Now that I’m older and much wiser(I love that line), I realize that beauty comes in many forms, shapes and sizes and colours and we as women should not let a male dominated society tell us were not beautiful because we don’t fit into their mold of beauty. Who are they to tell us were not pretty, smart and strong and funniest thing about it all is that the men telling us were not all that…..aint nobody’s cup of tea.

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