Almost Got a Date


Well I’m sure you all know that I have been on a dating site, for quite some time now. I take breaks here and there but I always seem to go back on-line hoping to find the right guy (MAN). Recently; I started talking to another guy (well just emails). And things were going fine. But for anyone that knows anything about internet dating…you know, emails only go so far. So to naturally progress, I asked for his number. OMG!!!!! I had one conversation with the guy and I knew right away he was not for me.

 1) Don’t answer the phone like a pig or you have no interest?

 2) Don’t spend five minutes talking about volcanoes?

 3) Why is it that the only place you’re really interested in taking me is to a bar?

 4) The first question you ask me is “Can I cook?”

5) Why do you think its ‘OK’ to tell a woman you’re going to pencil her in…? Because your soooooooooo busy!!!!!!!

  Can someone please tell me why is internet dating so flippin hard? Why is it so hard to find someone who knows how to talk nicely to a woman? What happened to a romantic conversations??????

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