This past summer I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try reading a few modern books (or should I say something of this century). So I started with a book by Laura Munson titled: ‘This Is Not the Story You Think It is….’ Not to give the plot away, but it’s about a woman whose husband decides to have some sort of mid-life crisis (I use the word decides because when women go through there changes they still pull it together). Anyway; in the process he treats his wife and his children like crap. Personally speaking I don’t know how she put up with half the things he was dishing out. I’m not saying that I ain’t been there because Lord knows I’ve met a few duchebags in my time…but!!!

I guess sometimes things affect you differently when there put down into words (In this case the pen is mightier than the sword). It’s definitely a good read for both men and women…we can all relate to this story in some shape or form because we either know someone who has been through a crisis or you yourself has experienced some sort of change.


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