My Christmas Poem

 Christmas is here it’s a time for family, joy and happiness.

It’s a time to remember loved ones… gone from this world,

(Christmas makes you think….right).

 Do you remember when you would run downstairs

to open all your prezzies


think that Father Christmas really existed.

(Looking back those were the good years… my formative years were fun).

 Now its 2010….

 And the world and I… have changed so much.

 This year I was happy, I moved out of oppression and into the light.

(I guess the stars we in alignment and the heavens were shining upon me).

This year I felt the love of my mother who loves me unconditionally…

(Her soul met with mine and we danced for days).

 This year, was a good year.

 I think we can all look back and say the same thing.

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