The New Year is around the corner, for me the days of making resolutions have long gone. I decided a long time ago that change should not be a long list of resolutions (some of which would have been unfulfilled). I know that change should be a constant evolving transition throughout our daily lives.

In order to make your decisions become a reality you must have a plan of action (a step by step process). For example; when I became a vegan, I went cold turkey (so to speak) instead of changing my food items one at a time (which is what I recommend to everyone that ask me how I did it). I gave up everything all at once. The point I’m trying to make here is that instead of jumping in at the deep end. Break up your goals up into manageable pieces and work at them step by step.

Remember when we were babies what did we do…we crawled before we walked. Well the same thing applies here, life never really changed that much.  

So as we start our count down for the ‘New Year’. Remember that resolutions/change can be made throughout the year. This year don’t limit yourself into making resolutions on the eve of a ‘New Year’. Why not try something different…..make your changes daily. I’m sure you’ll find a higher rate of success.

“Happy New Year”

4 thoughts on “2011

  1. I agree with the points you made…..Definitely no resolutions for me this year. I will evolve and adapt as the situation arises…..Like a bamboo I will bend but not break.

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