Can someone please tell me where all the fine men with substance are, because I’m having a very hard time finding a great guy, finding Mr. Right seems impossible. Men like to talk about women being superficial or gold diggers. But I’ve only come across cheap men that want the women to pay and do everything for them, so ladies… what do we call them??? Seriously when was the last time a guy asked me out on a date (it’s been ages). I know were in a recession, but honestly guys what happened to having style, finesse or should I say “laisser vagabonder son imagination”.

So I guess you’re asking yourselves “What are the guys like in Houston?”

Well…there chat up lines need some work and there sense of style aint my cup of tea (so to speak). The guys here, from what I can see are family orientated, but the question is how many kids (or should I say baby mama’s do they want????) The  families here are huge and I not just talking about the black families down here. The first question I’m asked is “Can I cook”. Can I cook, yes…. I can cook what I like to eat just fine (since I’m a vegan and all). But what I feel like saying is “Look u cheap (bleep) I aint no aunt Jemima & since that’s what your looking for…then you had better sniff somewhere else” (dat’s putting it nicely). My favorite thing to do is to call them creeps and exit. I guess you can see why I’m still single and still dateless in Houston.

I mean really…… do I look like ‘Aunt Jemima’ 

3 thoughts on “Dating?????

  1. your post is so on the mark! onward and upwards, Zoe… everything in time they say but i can only imagine how you are feeling. just wish people would be more realistic and got to know a person rather than a thought or an image of a person they have in mind. no you don’t look like Aunt Jemima no more than i look like Florence Nightingale!

  2. Thanks Jaq,
    Back in the day…men wanted women like their mothers. But now it seems as though all they want is a maid. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to hire a housekeeper???? I’m sure there are fewer complications that way.
    As for looking like Florence Nightingale…..had 2 laugh at dat one 🙂

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