I recently started this blog because I want to be heard around the world. So many women have voices, but are never heard. I decided to go against the grain…I decided to speak up…I decided it was time for my voice to be heard.

For centuries women have been oppressed by a male dominated society. It’s time for a “New Day”…. Women are creative and we are great thinkers and by standing together we become a very powerful force….

So for all you women out there, its time for you to speak up…Its time for you to be  heard!!!

So before I continue to ramble on; about an unjust society. Let me tell you about my vision for my blog. It shall be my mind (a huge pearl of wisdom….thanks Marylin) expressed in words pictures and videos. All my thoughts, feelings and my daily experiences are hear for all to read (well most of them anyway).

So watch and enjoy my life, as it unfolds before your eyes….

 Luv Zoe



8 thoughts on “About

  1. Dope blog and liking the women empowerment stuff, by all means do whatever you can ladies I support it. And your very cute btw

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