Creepy Men…On The Trains


The crowded New York City subways face an even bigger problem… the creepy men that ride the trains, just to grab and grind women on a daily basis.

Yes, that’s what I said…

Grab and grind is exactly what they do. One can do nothing about the staring, even when you know these creeps are undressing you with their eyes. But tell me who is going to help when a creepy man is standing behind you, breathing down your neck and trying to rub himself all over you on the train. Especially when you’re stuck on a train, that looks like the picture above. How is anyone going to get to you in time to stop this vulgar behavior from happening????

I myself have been a victim of this horrific behavior on the train. It repulses me just to think about. But you know what I do, I call that creep out, I let my voice be heard and then I exit the train at the next stop regardless of whether I’m getting off or not.

Just the other day; I was listening to the news. There was a small segment about a few women in Queens, NYC. That have had the very same experience and they too have begun to speak up and call those creepy men out (good for them it’s about time that more women spoke up and maybe some…if not all of theses guys would begin to think twice about their actions).

I remember when all you had to look out for on trains were purse snatchers. Boy, times have changed and now you also have to watch out for these middle aged creepy men riding the trains, trying to get their ROCKS OFF!!!!

So if you’re ever in NYC and riding public transportation, just be a little bit cautious about the men that stand a wee bit too close…to you.


2 thoughts on “Creepy Men…On The Trains

  1. Wow, I’m sorry this is happening and has happened to you. It’s called frottage, and I hadn’t seen anything about it to make me think of it in perhaps decades. The photo looks dehumanizing. I would not enjoy riding like that. May God put a protective zone around all women who do not want such selfish and invasive behavior. Where are people’s manners going? The men need to lift their minds out of the gutter. Society needs to, actually.

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